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Play Makeup for Girls | With Personalized Cosmetics Pouch

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Play Makeup with Personalized Pouch
Made for Little Girls 
by a Little Girl!

If your little one loves to get into Mommy's makeup, surprise her with a "makeup kit" of her OWN! Get ready to together without worrying about the little one getting messy, or covering her face in toxic chemicals. Our unique handmade play makeup does not transfer to skin, and is made with FDA approved materials. No more breaking our palettes! She will treasure this time together as much as you do!

Our pretend makeup is made with quality resin that is colored in house by Olivia, who's almost 9. The makeup has a smooth, hard finish. No real makeup is included, and the colors will not transfer to their skin.

We offer our pretend "powder" foundation two color options; light/medium and medium/dark so each little girl can have makeup that matches her! If you need a different color option, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Each kit comes with:

  • 1 personalized cosmetics pouch
  • 1 pretend Powder foundation
  • 1 pretend Blush or Bronzer (assorted)
  • 1 pretend eyeshadow palette (assorted colors)
  • 1 assorted mermaid makeup brush








Makeup palettes may not be exactly the same as shown in the listing photo, but will be comparable! Colors vary, our kits are created in small batches, and it's unlikely two sets will ever be exactly the same. Olivia intentionally makes each palette a little different, so everyone gets a one of a kind product.

The eyeshadow pallet will have random colors, may be pinks, purples, browns, blues, or a mixture of sorts. If you'd like us to create a custom set for you, so you can choose your specific colors, please contact us!


You can also send us your makeup empties to create custom matching sets for your little one!


Our shop started after struggling so hard to find play makeup that doesn't actually put color onto your skin, because WHO KNOWS what that cheap stuff is filled with! We make our pretend play makeup palettes with high quality FDA approved resin that DOES NOT transfer color to your skin, meaning it will never run out, and your little one can play with it forever, or at least until she's ready for the real deal 😉 (Not that anyone needs makeup to be beautiful, but we all love to play sometimes!) Olivia works hard to create a quality product that she can be proud of, and loves to think about the little girls it will be going to. We hope we can create one for you!